Gardening Tips for the Week of August 16-22

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Sustainability Research Garden Tour, August 20 from Noon-1PM at the Gunnison County Fairgrounds.  Free. 

Come take a tour of this newly-planted garden at the Gunnison County Fairgrounds that is focused on testing fruit, vegetable and oil seed crops that, though not commonly grown in Gunnison County, may have good potential for food and fuel production in our cold climate and short growing season.  You’ll learn about current research in bio-fuel production, fruit crop production in other cold climates of the world, and you may even come away with some ideas for using your garden to meet your own sustainability goals.

 Saving Seed

Home Gardeners were perpetuating and improving plant varieties through seed selection before there were commercial seed producers. As the end of the growing season begins to loom on the horizon, you may be considering saving seeds from your vegetable and flower gardens to re-plant next year.  As you think about collecting and saving seed, it’s important to know a bit about the pollination and parentage of the plants you would like to save seed from.  This CSU Extension Fact Sheet gives good information on things to consider to be sure good results are yielded from your seed-saving efforts:

How much should I water my lawn this week? 

For most homeowners, attention to irrigation efficiency has the greatest potential for water conservation.  In the typical home yard, extra attention to irrigation system design, maintenance, and management could reduce water use by 20-50%!  Using locally calculated evapo-transpiration (ET) rates to determine how much water to apply to your lawn will help you conserve water. 

The evapotranspiration rate for the seven day period between August 9-15 was 1.29 inches, calculated for cool season turfgrass in Gunnison.  During this time period, Gunnison received .35 inches of precipitation.  So, watering .94 inches will replace the amount of moisture that has been lost through plant transpiration and evaporation from soil during the past week and needs to be replaced to maintain a healthy lawn. 

This is meant to be a general guide to determining your lawn’s irrigation needs.  Please note that micro-climates in your yard and various grass species in your lawn will have considerable effect on your lawn’s actual water needs, so be sure to check soil moisture to a depth of 4-8” with a garden trowel or screwdriver to determine if the root zone of your grass is sufficiently moist.

How do I figure out how long to water my lawn in order to apply the correct amount of water?  Visit this link:

For more about conserving water through efficient irrigation scheduling, visit:

For assistance in establishing an efficient irrigation schedule for your lawn, contact the CSU Extension Office in Gunnison County at 641-1260.


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